How our spores grow and work

Did you know? Most supplements aren’t effective in delivering the full benefits of probiotics. Our formula is able to deliver 20 times more active bacteria to your gut, and our one-of-a-kind activation technology ensures that it actually survives + thrives.

To do this, we select and cultivate the precise quantity, highest quality, naturally-protected Bacillus spores that provide the greatest potential for your microbiome. The technology holds the power to stimulate the spores to wake up and activate in the right spot, which supports digestive balance and delivers health benefits you can feel.

Combining with Flora Code activation technology
The process starts with the actively-growing Bacillus cell in the lab
First spore coat stabilizes
Second spore coat protects
Outer cell
Complete dormant
Bacillus spore
Flora Code attaches to the receptor and begins activation
Thriving in
the gut
Cell division
In the small intestine, the spore coat dissolves and outgrowth begins
In the stomach, the activated spore stays protected
flow chart featuring the benefits of probiotics by Flora Code flow chart featuring the benefits of probiotics by Flora Code

Don’t just take our word for it

We conducted thorough scientific studies that determined Flora Code’s technology improved gut function and immune support.* We also facilitated a safety study that concluded the activation technology is safe and effective with no adverse effects when used as directed.

Results, backed by science

After putting the brand to the test, it’s proven: Flora Code’s probiotic blend works in harmony with your body’s natural digestive processes.* A win-win for your gut and optimal health.

research driven

With all of our research in probiotics, we have finally captured the best parts of the Bacillus spore. The quality of our cultivation and the patented technology eclipses arbitrary CFU numbers in other leading brands. Never ones to simply rest on our results, we compared our probiotics to a competitor. 


illustration of inactive probiotic spores

Inactive probiotic spores are stable enough to survive harsh conditions, such as stomach acid. However, without the right biochemical signals, very few will actually wake up when the conditions are right.


illustration of our activated probiotic Bacillus spores

In the stomach, Flora Code spores are pre-activated by your natural body heat, but still protected by their sturdy spore coat against the low pH of stomach acid.


illustration of probiotic spores

Most of our nutrients get digested and absorbed in the small intestine, which is also where our immune system does its work. If probiotic spores do receive the signals to activate, it takes 4-5 hours for them to even begin waking up, missing most of these key zones.


illustration of Bacillus spores showing benefits of probiotics

Timing is everything to maximize the benefits of a probiotic. Our Flora Code spores are ready to open up and get to work as soon as they reach your small intestine.


illustration of Bacillus spores

Without the biochemical signals telling them to wake up, most probiotic spores on the market will pass through the gut with their spore coat safely intact, unable to give you the benefits that you expect.


illustration of active Bacillus spores to show benefits of probiotics

As our Flora Code probiotics move through the gut, they’re active and thriving to help support digestion and the immune system function.*