When you know better, you do better.

This ethos inspired us to follow our gut – and change the face of probiotics. We are a diverse group of microbiologists, nutritionists, biochemists, environmental scientists, and entrepreneurs who recognized an opportunity to help people feel their best and reach their full potential.

Meet our Founder

Flora Code launched in the spring of 2022 after I pursued a career in luxury brand consulting and event planning in New York City, and realized I could not sustain my busy lifestyle and achieve my goals if I didn’t feel my best from within. At the same time, I learned of an incredible activation technology that stems from my family’s 100+ year old lab. This patented technology had taken many years to develop and was not yet available to consumers. A lightbulb went off, and I was inspired to leverage my family heritage in a modern way.

I joined forces with this world renowned scientific team and lab of microbiologists, nutritionists, biochemists, and environmental scientists, based in Dallas. Together, we shared the vision to utilize the technology to bring to market a brand new way to give gut the gift of active flora, all based on proven science people could finally count on, and help change the face of probiotics.

Katherine xx

We care about transparency, all the way from our lab to your lips

The process is just as important to us as the end product. We made it our goal to manufacture with the most stringent quality standards. It all starts in the lab headed by a seasoned, expert team of scientists. 

We’re serious about what you put into your body and the purity of our products. That’s why Flora Code is always GMO-free, processed sugar free, and formulated without any fillers, artificial flavors or colors. 

Created With Intention

Did you know the earth has a microbiome too (that lives in the soil)? That’s why we’re especially sentimental about sustainability, and are dedicated to making our products ethically and efficiently in the US. Our box is 100% recyclable because what benefits the planet benefits our own wellness, and vice versa.