The future of probiotics is here, and it’s as easy as pour, stir, sip. Flora Code is powered by one-of-a-kind activation technology to help your body improve and maintain gut health*— effectively delivering 20 times more activated bacteria than competitors.

How it Works

What is
Gut Health?

Every aspect of our well-being hinges on our gut microbiome’s function and health. The microbiome is its own universe, made up of trillions of microorganisms and carefully balanced bacteria. Common factors like stress and poor diet can contribute to an imbalance of our gut’s microbial community, and when your body doesn't have enough good bacteria, bad bacteria can thrive.

Timing is everything

Probiotics help supplement the gut with beneficial bacteria; however, current formulas typically do not achieve optimal benefits inside the gut – until now. Our probiotic is fermented properly and protected to make it past your harsh stomach acids. The activation technology then ensures the probiotic wakes up just in time where we need it most, the small intestine.

Meet Flora Code

A brand-new probiotic formulation that finally works in harmony with the unique complexities of your entire digestive system. From the moment it hits your lips to its journey through the intestinal tract, Flora Code is designed to protect itself until it’s time to activate. The formula can be added to any food or beverage of choice; try our flavored servings in tea or smoothies, or opt for unflavored in coffee, oatmeal, and more.



No Fillers

lab tested

No Artificial Flavors or Colors


promotes regularity*

enhances digestive function*

supports immune system*


Don’t settle for dormant bacteria. Our product activates so you can too.

Patented probiotic technology
Specially selected, formulated, and manufactured for activation
No refrigeration required
Long term product stability

Our Manifesto

You deserve to know the truth. You deserve products that work. You deserve to be in control of your health. Our mission is to improve your flora for perceptible change. Live life in beautiful balance.