Activated Probiotic Powder
30 Day Supply of Unflavored

Flora Dust

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It’s as easy as pour, stir, sip. Experience less occasional gastrointestinal duress, and improved digestion overall with our gut-harmonizing Activated Probiotic Powders.* 

Our original, unflavored powder is perfect for mixing with coffee, tea, or foods like oatmeal, etc. Simple, subtle, straightforward, and far from basic.

Quality over quantity means everything—a turning point in the future of probiotics. Our formula holds 100 million colony forming units (CFUs), the number of alive and active microorganisms in one serving. Then, we combine this hefty selection of premium CFUs with a one-of-a-kind activation technology. This process balances the bacteria that make up your microbiome and optimizes your gut health.*

Step 1: Mix packet into a hot (180ºF max) or cool beverage, or food of choice.

Step 2: Stir until completely dissolved.

Step 3: Enjoy daily for optimal results.

For accelerated results, mix our powdered probiotic blend into a warm beverage of choice, as heat jumpstarts the activation process. However, a cold beverage or smoothie will still allow for activation due to the natural heat of our bodies.

It’s possible that some mild bloating may occur as your body adjusts to Flora Code. Don’t worry, it’s temporary, and it means it’s working—activation is occurring. It will take a few days of consistent use before your gut flora truly starts to blossom. After this adjustment period, daily maintenance is encouraged to maximize the benefits.
Total Carbohydrates 2g (<1% DV), Protein <1g (2% DV).
FloraCode™ Proprietary Blend: Inulin, Alanine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Bacillius subtilis DE111® (100 Million CFU/g). Other Ingredients: Dipotassium Phosphate, Natural Masking Flavor Powder, Silicone Dioxide.
While benefits will vary based on each person’s individual microbiome, there are many positive effects of improving your flora. You can expect:
Improved digestive function*
Immune system support*
Digestive regularity support*

Our quality promise to you:
No artificial colors/flavors
No fillers
Gluten free
Cruelty free
Lab tested
Blended and Packaged in the U.S.A.
Box 100% recyclable

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